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Jan 24, 2013 6:00am EST
for these elections since chairman brown's election in 1989, with my modifications to allow for unique circumstances we face at this meeting. now i will turn to secretary herman for an explanation of the rules and procedures. >> good morning, and thank you very, very much, jim. jim has outlined a process of how we will begin. i will start with reminding this body of the specific provisions that are contained in our charter and bylaws that guide the election of officers for party. after that, my co-chair will come back to the podium and then review with this body what we are specifically recommending in the elections today. so first i shall remind this body that the rules of procedure contain the following key provisions. first, the candidate for any dnc office position had to file a nomination statement with the dnc secretary by 8 p.m. sunday, january 20, 2012, and that includes -- i'm sorry, 2013. that really would have been a problem. that included signatures of at least 20 dnc members. each candidate for chair is entitled to a total of 10 minutes for nominating and seconding speeches to be divide
Jan 25, 2013 2:00am EST
as americans to act now to save lives. thank you. [applause] . .or edmun g. brown jr. [applause] >> thank you than you thank yomr. speake mr. senate pro-temfellow constitutional officers, members ofth judiciaryan all myfriend gathere her thismorning. th message thiyearis clear. california is once again confound our critics we havwroughinjust two years solid andenduring budgetan b god, we'r going topreserve andkeep it tha wayfoyear t come [applause] that imylongest speech we're nogointo getou of here ifwedon'keep moving [laughter] against those whtake pleasure seeinofou demise california dith impossible you,thledgyou're did it yo cas difficult votesto cut billions from thstat budget yocurbed prisospending througanhistoric realignment an youreformed an reduced thestate' long-terpensio liabilities. then thecitizensof californiausinthei inherentpoliticapowe undethconstitution finished the task. they ebraced thene taxes of proposition30abou b healthy marginof55-44% [applause] members of the ledgeyou're salutyofo you courag forwholeheartedly throwing yoursel intth cause. saluteth union their membe
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2